Best Accessories For iPhone X And XS

Best Accessories of iPhone x

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Looking for best accessories for iPhone X, Xs and Xr then you are at right place. please read the whole article.

Introduction –

The iPhone X, Xs and Xr are the most premium and expensive iPhones from apple till now. And I know that it costs almost a lakh approximate to buy this expensive iPhone. It comes with lots of rich features like face unlock, notch OLED display, wireless charging and many more.

If you have managed to buy any of the above iPhones then I think you would like to have this accessories that I have mentioned below. Here, I have listed best suitable and must have accessories for iPhone users to make life easy with the device they use.

Best Accessories for iPhone X and XS-

1.Wireless charging pad –

wireless charging pad best iPhone accessory

This iPhones supports wireless charging and you know that you will not get any wireless charger in the box of iPhone. So, this is the best and value for money wireless charger for your iPhone. Let’s go for details and features.

  • brand – REALIKE
  • weight – 132 g
  • dimensions -36.1*8.6*3.3 cm
  • compatible devices – All Qi enabled devices
  • warranty & support – the company provides you 12 months warranty against any defect from the date of purchase on buying from amazon.

Features in detail :

  1. Simple to use – You can just put your phone on the wireless pad to charge the phone. Isn’t is easy and simple!!
  2. Fast charging – It provides 5W power when set to fast charging mode for your fast charging supported phones.
  3. Premium design – The device offers LED indicator to show you the status of charge and it automatically turns-off when you phone gets fully charged. It also provides you small, compact, and a non-slip grip design so that you don’t need to worry about the safety of your phone.
  4. Safe charging – while you put your phone on charging the smart charging delivers the perfect amount of power to your phone for safe and quick charging. So, it helps to control the temperature of your phone.

Check out the price (or buy from) here – Realike wireless charging pad

2. Back Camera Lens Protector –

Tempered camera lens glass

I feel that you must have this camera protector. As a iPhone X user I need to take care about my camera lens. Because you will find normal scratches on your camera glass after using your phone for few months. So, it’s a best solution to protect your camera lens.

  • brand – YCNEX
  • weight – 99.8 g
  • dimension – 18*7*3 cm
  • material – tempered glass
  • warranty – 10 days replacement warranty on buying from amazon.

Features in detail :

  1. Easy to install – it’s very easy to apply. You can apply it by your self. you need to just adjust and aline it to your camera lens and install it.
  2. Protection – It comes with ultra clear adhesive that protects your camera and stick to the camera lens well. And it’s 9H hardness scratch proof glass saves your camera lens from scratches.
  3. Highly transparent – It’s flexible glass is highly transparent so that it does not affect to your image quality.

Check out the price (or buy from) here – YCNEX camera lens protector glass

3. EDTara 3 in 1 Qi Wireless Charger Fast Charging Dock –

Fast Charging Dock for Apple Watch AirPods and iPhone

If you are apple lover like me and have lots of apple product then this gadget is for you. Here, I can say it’s a best accessory for iPhone X, Xs and XR. The device provides 3 in 1 solution for apple user. It provides wireless charging for your iPhone and also for your apple watch and your apple AirPods also. It’s a best option if you travel lot. You don’t need to take 3 chargers with you for your 3 apple devices you just need to pick this 3 in 1 charger and you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods also. I found this as a best accessory because I have this app apple devices and it sucks when I need to remember to pack all 3 chargers to my beg for travelling. So, let’s catch the product detail and features.

  • brand – EDTara
  • compatible devices – apple, Samsung
  • color – black, white
  • material – ABS
  • induction distance – 8mm
  • input – 12V/3A 36W
  • wireless charging output – 9V/1.2A
  • AirPods charging output – 5V/0.35A
  • Apple Watch charging output – 5V/0.35A

Features in detail :

  1. Apple Watch charger – you can charge your Apple Watch series 1/2/3/4 all with this device.
  2. AirPods charging.
  3. phone wireless pad – you can charge any Qi enabled or wireless charging supported phones.
  4. Safety and protection – The devices gives you protection against temperature, short-circuit and over-volatage problem. So, you don’t need to worry about any damage in your phone.

Check out the price (or buy from) here – EDTara 3 in 1 Qi Wireless Charger Fast Charging Dock

4. Dual Sim Card Adapter Bluetooth Device for iPhone –

the devices allows your iPhone to use dual sim cards.

As a iPhone user I know that iPhone X and the older iPhones don’t have support of dual sim that’s why I need to keep one secondary phone for my another number. Now through this device you can solve this issue and life becomes easier for iPhone user to use 2 sim numbers.

  • brand – Lefant
  • OS – iOS
  • weight – 90.7 g
  • dimension – 9.6*9.5*3.2 cm
  • feature – bluetooth tethering, dual sim
  • other – touch screen
  • color – gold
  • support (compatibility) – GSM only

Features in detail :

  1. It converts your iPhone into dual sim phone and it supports iOS 7.0 and above.
  2. You can use it to make calls and message from your second number.
  3. You can use micro SIM card as second sim card.
  4. Connection method – It uses bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity.
  5. Charging port of device – Micro USB port.
  6. Battery – 400MAH
  7. You need to install Lefant more cards application to use this device on your iPhone.

Confuse how to use this device then see the video – click here

Check out the price (or buy from) here – Dual Sim Card Adapter Bluetooth Device

5. Audio & Charge Adapter Convertor –

3.5 mm audio jack with power charging jack

Apple has discontinued the 3.5 mm headphone jack from it’s iPhone 7. So, the users like me faces some issues like I used to watch videos and movies on iPhone while charging my phone using headphone. But In my iPhone X I can’t do that. If you use wireless bluetooth headphone then there is no issue but that option to go for wireless AirPods is bit expensive. So, here I got one best and affordable solution for this problem. So, lets check the product details and features.

  • brand – v CAN
  • weight – 99.8 g
  • dimention – 18*7*3 cm
  • compatible devices – apple iPhones
  • warranty – 90 days seller replacement warranty

Features in detail :

  1. Durability – It comes with aluminium alloy shell design which makes it durable. So, no damage can be done easily.
  2. Sound quality – It supports upto 48KHz and 24-bit audio output that makes the audio quality best for you. And you don’t need to do any compromise in audio.
  3. Compatibility – The device is compatible with all the version of iOS.
  4. 2 ports – One is for charging and one is 3.5 mm audio jack.

Check out the price (or buy from) here – Audio & Charge Adapter Convertor

My Opinion –

From my opinion and practical use I have listed the best of all must have accessories here after lots of research. All the devices or accessories are value for money affordable then other similar products, easily available on amazon.

All the products are practically tested and I am sure that these are the best accessories for your iPhone X and Xs, after using it you will never regret.

If you find any questions then ask in comment below:

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