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BabyTime App

Hello Readers, This new article is about parenting and baby tracking app. So, if you are a new parents or going to be new parents than this article “Best Baby Parenting And Tracking App – BabyTime” will help you most. Read the full article to know all the details about baby development app. At the end you will find the usage of app, how to use it and how it will help you to track every events and movements of your baby.

Introduction –

At present everything is possible with just one small smartphone. All big problems or questions can be solved using smartphones. Every day new technologies invented and that technologies can be beneficial to mankind in many different ways.

Every things from bank transfers, astrology to learning and reading becomes smarter and handy with mobile apps. So, why not use An app to track the activities of your new born baby and become smart parent with best baby development app.

If you are a new parent and busy in work schedule than this app is for you. The app also allows to share and analyse the record of baby so that you become good parents with all the reminders and growth of your baby.

Yes, I am talking about BabyTime App “The Best Parenting and Baby Tracker App”. The app allows you to handle all the activities mentioned below. I am sure you will love this app after reading this post. So, lets start with it’s features:

Features Overview of Baby Parenting App:

best baby parenting and tracking app

Now, lets understand features in detail and how to use it.

Features in detail (How to use it?) –

features of BabyTime best parenting and baby development app
  • Breast feeding, baby food and pumped milk – You need to add the feeding time for both so the app will track the feeding time of your baby. you can also add memos and photos of the same also. The app tracks the schedule of your baby for feeding, snack and milk and as per the schedule the app will notify and send you remainder and notification to remind you about feeding time for your baby. Isn’t it great?!!
  • Diaper and Nappy – You need to add the time for your baby’s pee and poop. you can select from pee, poop or both. you can add memo for that like if your baby has constipation or diarrhea and for the reason than you can mention that. That will help to improve and track of your baby’s health.
  • Sleep monitor – You can track your baby’s sleep habit with this features. You need to just enter start time and end time like duration of your baby’s sleep. And you can also add memo’s like wakes frequently while sleeping like that.
  • Bath – The baby tracking app allows you to enter the bath timings in the app and also allows you to add what you have used for bath of your baby. This will help to share details to your spouse, Nanny so that they can works accordingly.
  • Medication – You can add timings on which time you need to give medicine to your baby. You can set which medicine you need to give on which time. So, that in the absence your spouse and Nanny or Nurse can get help to take care or your baby. and also you will get reminder for the same.
  • Growth Tracking – you can add your baby’s height, weight and head circumference also for hospital use and for saving every activity and growth of your baby.
  • Music Box – The app offers light music which help your baby to sleep.
you can use music box to play soft music which helps your baby for sleeping
  • Hospital visits – You can hospital check up visit’s of your baby and the app will remind you about your visits.
  • Overview and report – You can generate report of your all activity of your baby with just one click. and also can check habit of your baby’s sleep, feeding, hunger, poop and pee.
  • Sharing – The app allows to share every thing that has been recored in the app to your family members, Nanny. That will help you most to track data.
  • Multiple child account – You can use one app for your one or more baby at same time. The app allows you to handle multiple account at same time.
  • Reminders – You will get reminder for every activity covered from sleeping to feeding to every thing. The app will remind you that it’s time for your baby to eat. It’s time for your baby to sleep and like that. So, it becomes easy to handle all the stuffs like this.
  • Back up and restore – You can backup your baby’s data on app for the future purpose. You can restore that data when you need it.

My Opinion –

From my opinion and research of this app I can say that every new parents must look at this app once. After using this baby app you will defiantly love this app. And you will start using it.

The app provides best and easy UI to manage everything easily. And it allows you to add and remove all the activities mentioned about. It has more than 500000 active users and the number is increasing every day.

I have checked and reviewed many parenting and baby tracker app but what I find most interesting in this app is it’s reminder process. it is real time and best among all.

So, I would recommend you to try this baby tracker and development app for once and you will thank me latter.

Click here to download for Android – BabyTime

Click here to download for iOS – BabyTime

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