Best Fitness And Workout Apps

best fitness and workout apps

Hello Readers, check out the whole article to know about the Best Fitness And Workout Apps.

No one has much time for workout or fitness their daily bust life style. But people knows the importance of the fitness in their lives. So, in this modern world many people uses fitness and workout apps to maintain their fitness and tracks the record. So, here I have reviewed Best Fitness and Workout apps that you can use daily to improve your fitness and health. I am sure that after reading whole article you will definitely start using one of the listed app.

Here, are the four best fitness app that is best and FREE to download in both Android and iOS for you as per my opinion.

1. Argus – The best Fitness App-

Argus best fitness app. The best among all fitness app.

Argus is world’s only free all-in one app with health and fitness. The app comes with calorie counter, barcode scanner and activity tracker with GPS. It also offers video-guided work outs for you.

So, lets understand it’s features in detail:

  • Best Calorie Counter – It tracks your diet and recipes also it has huge database of foods for you.
  • Barcode Scanner – You can log or add your food by just scanning the barcode of the food.
  • Personalised Weight Loss Plans – You can set your goals in the app and as per your goal app will tell you how much calorie you require and how much you need to burn.
  • Heart Rate Monitor – The app offers in built heart rate feature you can just measure your heart rate by your phone’s camera.
  • Sleep Alarm Tracker – The app observes your sleeping habbit and the tracker works according to improve your sleep.
  • 24/7 Step Pedometer – The Pedometer feature of the app tracks your steps 24/7 by using ultra-low battery power.
  • GPS Tracker – The GPS tracker tracks all your activities like cycling, running, and many other sports activities also.
  • Video Workout – You will find videos for all type of workouts so you can easily learn to exercise for our fitness.
  • Challenges – You can invite people or your friends for any work out challenges.
  • Blog – you will get daily tips to improve our health and fitness.

My Opinion-

The Argus fitness app multifunction fitness app that you can find on google play-store and also in apple app store. It offer many rich features that other fitness apps are not providing like heart rate sensors, sleeping alarm, video tutorials and also barcode scanner feature. That’s why from my point of view this is the best fitness that I would recommend you to must have in your phone.

2. Run Keeper –

Run Keeper is the best fitness and workout app with voice coach and free to download in android and iOS.

Run Keeper is also one of best apps. The best part or feature of this app is Voice Coaching. It also offers setting up goals, tracking workouts and many more. You can also track your daily progress. It offers to set challenges and you can also get rewards for the completed challenges. Run Keeper app is free to download in google play-store and apple app store also and it offers many useful features that you would like to have in your fitness app.

So, let’s understand it’s features in detail:

  • Running Group – You can create any challenge and you can also invite your friends and family members to complete the challenge.
  • Audio Coach – The app offers Voice Coach that replay you with distance and time also to motivate you.
  • Training Plan – You can follow among many different training plans that are offered to you for your fitness and health.
  • Routes – You can build new routes for your running through GPS and map and you can also save it.
  • Integration – You can connect music app like Spotify to listen music while you are doing your workout.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – You can connect your wireless headphones to lister music and you can also connect smart watches and fitness bands also.
  • Social Sharing – You can also share your achievements and progress to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

My Opinion –

The app has premium features like Bluetooth Connectivity, Voice Coach, and integration with music app, This features makes this app stand out and best for fitness lovers. So, I think you have to check out this app once and I can assure you that you will not regret.

3. Nike Training Club –

Nike Training Club App is best and Decent fitness app with videos and athletes workout as a reference.

The Nike Training Club is a simple, decent but great fitness app with lot of useful features till now. The app offers 185+ free workouts for you to improve your fitness. It provides workout videos and animations also to help you out. It provides simple design and UI in understanding manner that any one can easily use it That’s what I like most about this app.

This app offers daily “picks for you” workout that is personalised for you which is set as per your daily routines. This app also provides guidance to achieve your goals for fitness.

Now, Let’s understand it’s features in detail:

  • Body part focused workouts for your abs, core, arms and shoulder also.
  • This app also can offers you training on Boxing, Yoga and Mobility workouts.
  • It comes with different levels of workouts like Beginner, Intermediate and advance. You can start with Beginner and go to the advance level also.
  • You can also set your workout timings from 15 – 45 minutes.
  • The app is also capable to record other sport activities like Basketball, Studio classes and many more.
  • You can check your activites at any time. The app automaticlly record your activity in history.
  • The best feature that i can appreciate is Athlete Inspired Workouts. The app offers workouts from your favourite Athletes like:
    • Isaiah Thomas
    • Sydney Leroux Dwyer
    • Michael B. Jordan
    • Cristiano Ronaldo
    • Serena Williams
    • Kevin Hart
    • Kyrie Irving
    • Rory McIlroy
    • Alex Morgan
    • Ellie Goulding

My Opinion –

The app offer simple layout, easy to use and loaded with useful features. The app fits for those who don’t like heavy graphics and designs and needs simple and decent feel that this fitness app is for you. The animations and videos for the workouts and exercise makes your workout easy to understand. And the important thing in my point of view is, if some one follow one of the above athlete and fan of their fitness and workout than you will definitely like this app.

4. Home Workout App – No Equipments –

This Home Workout app is best fitness app with no equipments. It provides exercise animations and videos to make workout easy for users.

The app it self suggest it offers exercise without Gym or other equipments. You can use this app for home workout with lot of useful and good features. It is free to download on both android and iOS. It offers different workouts for abs, chest, legs and arms and butt as well.

Now, Lets check the features of the app in detail:

  • The app offers warm-up and stretching workouts.
  • It records your training progress and activities automatically.
  • The chart that is generated by the app and you can check it also for your weight trends.
  • You can set reminders for your workout and you can also customise it as per your convenience.
  • You will be offers videos for every workout and exercise to make you understand better about the exercise.
  • The app offers personal trainer for you to loss weight and to guide you for workouts.
  • Social media sharing is also there so, you can share your activities to your friends.

My Opinion –

In my personal views the app offers the features that are enough for your daily weight loss workouts. The app also provides personal trainer that is great to help you out for your fitness and health tips. The other main benefit of this app is the workouts are personally designed by experts. So, i am sure that you will find right guidance and advantage of this app in your fitness.

If you have any suggestion and question or if you find batter option than above free fitness apps then let me know in the comment below.


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