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Overview :

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Looking for best kids learning app or children reading app then read the whole post and comment your views below.

“Bolo” App is designed for primary grade small children. You can find this app very useful for your children. It has many great features that you will defenetly like to know. It includes Hindi and English story books. The the interesting thing is all this stories are free to use and read on this app.

You can use it in Hindi and also in English language. Right now it comes with Hindi and English language.

The unique and interesting features you will find in this app is the virtual animated reading tutor called “Diya”.

Features And Details for best Kids Learning App By Google – “BOLO” :

  • App is available in two language 1. Hindi 2. English.
  • It includes 90 books or stories, 50 in Hindi and 40 in English.
50 Hindi Books and 40 Stories in English for your children for free in this " Best kids learning app"
Story Books Collection
  • The inbuilt stories and free for now for childrens.
  • The interesting thing is you can use this app without internet also. It means it also works offline.
  • Other feature that you would like is the app has no advertise thats why your children can only focus on reading only no distraction at all.
  • It has multiple account feature also. You can run multiple account for you children at same time and also track their progress separately.
  • You can find word game also in this app. It has word game also so your child can learn read and can play games for fun also.
"BOLO" app includes word games also for fun of your kids.
Word Games for kids
  • The most unique and interesting feature that makes “Bolo” app best is the Virtual animated reading assistant called “Diya”.

Virtual Reading Assistant “Diya” :

Reading Virtual Tutor that works similar as google assistant which guides your kids and encourages your children for reading.
Reading Tutor “Diya”

Now, Lets understand what is “Diya” and how it works :

  • “Diya” is a reading tutor or we can say virtual teacher for your children.
  • “Diya” speaks in Hindi language.
  • “Diya” encourages children to read well and also helps them when they gets stuck anywhere.
  • “Diya” can not only read out the text but also explain the meaning of English text in Hindi.
  • “Diya” is same like google voice assistant.
  • In short “Diya” is teacher for your child in this app. which can help your child for everything in this app.

My Point of view :

The “Bolo” learning app by google is a unique idea by google with virtual tutor that work like google assistant. It’s new and unique learning app till now.

It has more than 100000+ download on google play store right now. I would like to give 5 out of 5 star to this app.

You can check this app on google play store. I am sure that you will like this app.

For download this app go to this like below:

Link – ” BOLO ” Best Kids Learning App By Google.



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