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World's best one handy browser

Hey Reader, Today I will share one of the best browser to try with. Oh web browser is one of the best and secure browser in 2020. You will get to know full information about oh web browser in this article.

Overview –

The privacy is at it best for this browser. I can assure you that OH web browser is the best and most secure browser by its features and i have personally experianced this browser that’s why i can assure you that you would love to use this browser in your android phones.

We all know that smartphones screen are getting bigger and bigger now days so to operate browser with one hand is impossible. The best browser of 2019 OH Web browser can solve your problem.

OH Web Browser offers zero dangerous permissions so, it makes the browser most secure. and it also provides one handed gestures operations that makes OH Web browser best browser of 2019
OH Web Browser with zero permissions and One Handed operations.

I know very well that we all gets irritated when any browser or app frequently asked for permissions and we need to allow for every permission. You also faces this problem, right? Then this OH Web browser can also solve this problem also.

OH web browser comes with many more features that every browser users needs in their browser now days.

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So , lets know all the features and also let’s understand all step by step:

Features And Details of OH web browser:

  • Design – OH Web browser comes with next generation UI. It makes the browser stylish and fun to use.
    • All Controls are at bottom of the screen.
    • One Handed Usage
    • Inbuilt Gestures
    • Simple and stylish UI
    • Dark mode
  • Privacy – OH Web browser does not need any permissions. OH Web Browser is world’s best zero dangerous permission browser.
    • No location permission
    • No camera permission
    • No microphone permission
    • No contacts permission
    • No storage permission
  • Other Features
    • Support almost all search engines
    • Built in ad-blocker
OH Web Browser has inbuilt ad blocker that makes it faster and fluent to use for users.
OH Web Browser comes with built in ad-blocker
  • Private tab browsing
    • PDF convertor
    • Web archive convertor
    • Download manager

Now I think you would like to know about the in built Gestures. So lets understand the gestures in detail :

  • Tabs Button:
    • Double Tap – Add New Tab
    • Swipe Left – Previous Tab
    • Swipe Right – Next Tab
    • Swipe Up – Remove Current Tab
    • Long Press – Private Mode
  • Search Button:
    • Double Tap – Refresh
    • Swipe Left – Go Forward
    • Swipe Right – Go Backward
    • Swipe Up – Go Home
  • Hand Button:
    • Single Tap – Slide down / up
    • Tap & Hold – Goto Top
    • Double Tap – Expand Status Bar
  • Overflow Menu Button:
    • Swipe Up – Show Bookmarks/History/Downloads
    • Tap & Hold – Open Settings

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My Point Of View (Conclusion):

OH Web Browser – the best browser of 2019 is one of the best till now because of its great features that it offers to users. It offers almost all features that recent internet and smart phone users.

I feel that the two most important features that you like most are its one handed operations and gesture and the second is zero permission it makes the browser secure and safe to normal users like you and me and it makes this browser more secure than any other browser.

So, I would recommend you this browser to use as your primary browser. and i would like to give 5 out of 5 star to this browser.

Link for download OH Web BrowserClick Here

If you find any queries or question then feel free to ask and if you know any other one handy browser then you can also comment below.

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