What Is Tor Browser And how to use it?


Hello Readers, in today’s post I will be sharing with you the most secure and privacy focused web browser app. And I will also share tips to use it and also let you know the uses of the Tor browser.

So, lets start with introduction.

Introduction –

I can say that in this internet world you and me both uses internet everyday for many uses. But you don’t know that every single task that you perform through internet can be tracked or it can be known by others. Many of you don’t know about this.

Am I right?

Earlier I also don’t know about this. One more thing I would like to add to this point, You know that every internet has it’s service providers and some times service provides also can track your IPs. Now, what is IP? IP is internet protocol, a unique number for every internet user and that is provide by the ISP (internet service provider).

Now, What is the solution to avoid tracking of your web and internet activity.

Well, the solution is to use this browser. So, in this Article you will get to know what is Tor browser, how to use it and also you will get answer about Tor browser is most secure browser or not.

So, keep reading…

Overview (What is Tor Browser?)-

Tor browser means “The Onion Router” Network. Tor network is open source and run by volunteers. The network is designed to provide privacy and security to web users. The Privacy lovers love to use this service and browser.

The name suggests its self “The onion browser” suggest that the network and setup provides many layers of security to web users like the layers of onion.

So, why every one claims that tor is a best secure browser till now? Let’s find out in the next paragraph…

Well, the service is designed to hide the user’s location, IP and encrypts data to provide best and secure messaging and other online web services. The tor networks bounces the data from many other system and IPs with encryption so that no one can really know that who’s trying to access some particular data.

I think You all know about VPN services which allows to hide the actual IP and make sure about the IP privacy. But here, This unique network is one step ahed of this VPN services.

Tor browser may be slow from other browsers because it bounces your request and IPs to many layers of computers to hide your identity, But I think it’s okay to get more secure web surfing..

So, by reading the above paragraph you have some basic idea about Tor network and Tor browser. Now, let’s understand about it’s features and how to use it….

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How to use Tor browser ???

To use this Tor secure network your just need to download Tor web browser and start using it like a normal web browser. Simply doing this you will get all the facilities that you need for your internet security.

Tor browser is available for all OS like windows, Mac OS and also its available for Android.

Now Let’s check it’s features in detail…

Features Overview –

tor web browser best secure browser till now

Features –

  • View blocked sites – By using Tor browser you can see or open the websites that has been blocked by ISPs or local governments.
  • Block trackers – Tor web browser blocks all the trackers that can track your web actives and can also tracks which websites you are visiting. Your cookies deleted automatically and all the web pages that you are visiting is isolated. So you don’t need to worry about any tracking.
  • Encryption – The browser provides triple layer of encryption across many servers so that you will get best privacy and most secure browsing experience.
  • Prevent fingerprinting – When you will use Tor browser, servers and system know all the users as same. So, no one can get to know any individuals identity that makes Tor network and browser most secure one.
  • Block surveillance – Tor browser blocks third party ads or any other surveillance to track your internet or online browser data.

My Opinion –

From my opinion this Tor browser is most useful who are privacy focused. The app provides decent features and allows you to surf web without any fear.

Tor browser available in Android and all the Desktop OS. The offers best features to control your privacy. And I have checked all the features and tried all the possibilities. So that I can assure you that this is the best and most secure browser ever.

Download for Android – Click Here
Download iOS best suitable alternative – Click Here

If you have any questions let me know in comments below…..

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