You Will Never Believe What Your Smart Wallet Can Do !!

Smart wallet features and review

Hello readers, Smart Wallet is next cool thing every gadget lover can get. Check out the full review and features of the product here. And at the end of the article you will get idea which one is the best smart wallet for men and women. So, lets start with introduction.

Introduction –

Every men and women keep their important stuffs in their wallet. I always used to keep my Driving Licence, PAN card, Money and Debit card in my wallet. And imagine what if I forgot my wallet some where or I lost it some where??

I have experienced this problem, around 2 months ago I have lost my wallet in one marriage function. And you can think what kind of hurdles I have faced to find my wallet because I have lost my credit card and important Government documents with my wallet also. And what I don’t like most is to re-issue the ID’s and credit cards and all the ups and downs we need to do for re-issuing our important documents.

I think many of you have faced this problem in past and it’s common that we forgot to take wallet or we lost it some where in market or restaurants.

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So, why I am writing this post about smart wallet, the reason is I have found one solution for this problem after I have faced this situation. I was searching for the solution which is alternative for wallet and can solve my problem also.

So, here is the solution: Smart Wallet.

Overview of smart wallet :

Smart wallet is one type of smart device with can be connected to your smart phones. And you can get some alerts when you loss your wallet. It also provides thefts alerts. So, next you will get idea about the features of this product and which is the best smart wallet that any men and women can get.

Now days many companies are making smart wallets but what I am searching in one smart wallet is it’s decent and rich features with affordable price. So, here is the best smart wallet that I have got for your.

CUIR ALLY smart wallets.

Now, Lest understand and check the features of CUIR ALLY wallet.

Features –

Best Smart wallet features

Features In Detail –

  • Compatibility – You can connect and use this smart wallet with both iOS and Android devices. It uses bluetooth 5.0 and connects to iOS 9 and later and Android 4.0 and later devices.
  • Wallet loss notification – If you forgot your wallet at home, office, restaurant or some where than you will get notification when you wallet separated from you. So never worry about losing your wallet somewhere.
  • Phone Locator – Some persons like me sometimes also forgot my phone at some where and don’t remember where I have put my phone. So, this wallet will help you also in this. You just need to double tap on lest centre portion of the wallet and your phone rings even if your phone is in silent mode.
  • Wallet Locator – Like phone sometimes we also misplace our wallet. So you can simple open the mobile app and tap the ring button in the app and your wallet will start ringing and you will find your wallet.
  • Locate your wallet on map – You can track your wallet on map also if you lost it some where. And also if you lost your phone and wallet both than what you can do. So, you can login in Mac, windows or in any OS with your account and you can check the location of your wallet. This features also works on overseas tracking of location.
  • Take Selfies – You can take selfies with this smart gadget. Isn’t it wonderful?? You just need to double press the left centre button and you can capture great selfies.

More you need to know about (specifications) –

  • Warranty – It provides one year world wide replacement warranty for the smart chip that is installed in wallet.
  • Range – Approximately 30 to 60m.
  • Easy Replaceable battery – The inbuilt battery lasts upto 9 months in normal usage. And you can replace it’s battery at home if you find any problem in battery. You can purchase it at the cost of only 40 Rs (INR) and its available in online and online stores.

Design –

Best Design any smart wallet can get. Genuine leather and comes with three colours.
  • Looks Classy, slick and slim.
  • The wallet is made from Genuine leather.
  • Provides 15+ card holders.
  • Dedicated ID card part.
  • Slimmest design
  • available colors – Blue, Brown, Black

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Conclusion (why smart wallets are worthy to use) –

From my opinion Cuir Ally is the best brand that I have seen in smart wallet. Smart wallet is the next smart thing will take over the wallet markets.

Smart wallet can make your life easy with it’s features and design. You don’t need to worry about any thing related to your wallet with this smart device called.

So, here I have listed CUIR ALLY as best one because of it’s features and slick and elegant design. It looks great with its genuine leather. And also provides 1 year warranty. What we need more than that. So, its a best product or smart wallet for every men and women.

Click here to find out the price and order your smart wallet – Click Here.

To know More about CUIR ALLY click here.

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