How To Change Name In PUBG Tips & Tricks.

how to change name in ougb

Hello Readers, In this article I will be sharing with you tips about most loved game pubg. So, read full article to learn more about how to change name in pubg and i will also share what you will need to have or earn for pubg name change.

So, keep enjoying…

The Most Loved Game –

The full name of pubg is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. And in very sort time this game become very popular.

Brendan Greene is the man behind this game. This game is a multiplayer online battleground game. PUBG corporation has launched and developed this most amazing game.

This game was launched at February 9, 2018 in both iOS and Android. And it is free to download and play. In very short time period this game becomes so popular in young generation.

Right now PUBG has more than 100,000,000 active installs. I think it’s a huge…

So, in the following sections i will share some tips which you will like to have fun with this game. I will share tips on how to change name in pubg and what you need for pubg name change.

PUBG releases new updates and levels regularly to provide best gaming experience. The resent released version is 0.15.0.

So, this is the basic info about PUBG for the reader who don’t have much idea about the game.

Before we start the go for the main topic about change name in pubg I will share some basic details about the game.

You can know more about pubg game here.

Details of PUBG –

how to change name in pubg

Now, let’s back to our main question how to change name in PUBG.
Let’s start…

How to change name in PUBG?

Flow for change name in pubg

If you are playing this game, many time you feel that something you need like guidance or tips to play the game and enjoy the game. So, there are many tips to play and enjoy this game and this is one of them.

When i have started playing this game i don’t know much about it. I am just playing and shooting anywhere and everywhere like crazy.

But when i started liking this game i need to know more about it like to change name in pubg and change appearance and some cheat codes or tricks.

I think many of you also feel the same way i used to feel it.

So, here i have one tip here or one kind of tutorial to change name in pubg game. I will also share what you need and how can you earn that or purchase that to get work done.

At earlier version of the game there is no method to change the name once you have set that, but at recent updates you will find the option to change the name once in a day with only Rename Cards.

Here are the steps you can follow to change the name.

So, lets learn step by step –

Click on Game icon and start game and go to home or i can say main menu of the game.

Go to inventory from the main menu, which is located at the bottom.

how to change name in pubg

Click on crate icon, which is at right hand side.

Find Rename Card and tap on use. (You will find this rename card there if you have earned any.)

how to change name in pubg

Enter your name which you would like to change and click OK.

Things you need to know before going to change name in pubg –

  • You can only change name once a day.
  • Without Rename card you can not change your name in pubg.

So, here I think one question arise in you mind and that is how you will get this rename card.

At the starting of the article i have told you that i will also let you know what you require to change the name in pubg and how you will get that.

Now, it’s time…

How you will get Rename Card for change name in pubg –

how to change name in pubg

So, i think when you first install and start playing game, it offers some free rewards. And in that rewards you will probably get some of this cards.

PUBG offers two ways to get the Rename card. And these are as following.

  1. You will get it as a reward when you complete some level or some you will get for free reward when some new feature added.
  2. The second is you can buy rename card using UC in PUBG. You need to sell around 180 UC to buy this card.

So, now I think you have your solution and you have also idea about what you need to earn or spend for pubg name change.

Now, i will try to answer the common questions that you have in your mind while understanding pubg name change.

So, keep reading…


Can I change pubg name without ID card?

No, You need to have Rename card or you need to buy it for changing name.

How to earn name change card in pubg?

You will get it by free rewards after completing some levels or you can buy it by spending your UC in pubg.

Can I change name in pubg multiple times?

No, You can do it once in a day and only if you have rename card.

How much UC required to buy rename card?

You require 180UC to buy rename card.

What is UC?

UC is unknown cash in pubg. You can use UC to buy rewards in the game. Approximately 60UC = 0.99 USD.

Final Words-

PUBG is a great and most played game in word now days. So, I have tried my best to make you understand about pubg name change and what you actually require to have or earn to change name in pubg.

One more thing, Not every time you need to buy to play well in PUBG. All I can say is play well and regularly, Pubg offers weekly and monthly missions.

So, if you try and complete those missions then you will be rewarded with many free crates, BP and reward cards for appearance change and also for name change in pubg.

I would suggest don’t go for some tricks and hacks to get rewards or BP and UC. Just play regularly and you will get all you need step by step.

Well, this is the end of the article and I think you all like it. I would love to hear more about this article from you. Let me know your views below in comment.

See you in next one soon…

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