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Best Recipe app free for iOS and Android - Cookpad

Hello Readers, Most of the home cooks or some one who loves to cook new dishes every day for those people I have given brief detail review of “Cookpad – Best Recipe App”. Please read the full article to know more about the Cookpad app.

Introduction –

Cookpad is a best and largest recipe app till now. If you love to cook new dishes everyday than this app is for you. I fell that Cookpad is best recipe app till now because it offers large database of recipes that are made of different different cooking experts or chefs who loves to cook and likes to experiments new dishes every day.

The Cookpad app offers best and large categories of recipes and also the chefs community to follow. That’s why i can say that it’s a best recipe app for you.

Features Overview of best recipe app –

  • create your own recipe and save it.
  • find and follow home cooks or chefs.
  • create and save your cook book like normal physical diary.
  • Follow other home cooks.
  • Save or bookmark the recipe of other cook.
  • large database of recipe with all categories.
  • social community to share recipes and inspire others.
  • available in English, Espanol, Indonesia and many more.
  • share memory and photos of dishes and recipes.

Now, lets understand the features in detail:

Features in detail – (how to use Cookpad app)

Categories And Special Occasion Recipes –

Cookpad offers you many categories of recipe that i think you will like most about this app. You will find large number of recipes including main dishes, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, ethic recipes, soups, stews and diet recipes also. The app also provides special categories on special days or festivals like Good Friday or thanks giving day and other festivals. You can check and try all the recipes and cook new dishes for your friends and family. You can also bookmark or save the recipes that you like and want to use in future.

Home Cooks And Their Recipes –

You can follow your favorite cook to try their recipes. You can also save the recipes that is shared by different cooks. You can not only follow Indian cooks you can also try and follow the cooks from other countries and you can try their recipes at your home also.

Recipe Editor Offered By Cookpad –

Cookpad offer editor to write recipes step by step and you can also add photos and ingredients also.

Now, I think one question raised in your mind and that is how you can add your recipes and how you can inspire others. So, It’s very easy in this Cookpad app. The app offers recipe editor in that you can write your recipes step by step. And you can also upload photos and cook snaps to your recipes and you can find sections to add your recipes ingredients also. And you can also edit your shared recipe also.

Social Community

Coolpad offers chat features to share recipes to your group, community or by private chat to your family or friends.

The other important feature of this app is it offers social community to share your recipes to people in community to inspire them about your recipes. And the app also offers chat and group chat functions also. So, you can share your moments of cooking to your family and friends on private and group chat also/

Private chat and recipe diary

Cookpad app let you create your own library of recipes like one physical one to keep record of recipes for future reference.

IT offers private sharing for you also. If you don’t want to share your recipes to social community than don’t worry you can just save them and use as a cooking or recipe diary.

Search Option –

The app offers search for recipes by dishes names, author or on cook’s name or most important by ingredients name that you have at your home. And you will find the recipes that can be made from the ingredients that you have at your home.

Challenges –

The app runs cooking contest every day. You can participate and win and you can also earn rewards for it also.

My Opinion –

From my point of view Cookpad app is best for those who are passionate about cooking and who want to learn cooking. As a passionate cook or chef you have to learn new recipes and dishes every day than this app may help you well to learn recipes from all over the world. And this app is also helpful to home cooks also. by the help of the recipes that are posted in this app you can cook new dishes every day and serve to your family and friends. You can also post your innovative recipes and dishes everyday to inspire others. So, in short the app offers great bundle of recipes, categories, easy search option, languages to choose from, cooks to follow, and also chat option and social community option for sharing recipes.

I would like to give 4.6/5 (4.6 out of 5) starts to this app.

If you have any suggestion and question or if you find batter option than above recipe app then let me know in the comment below.


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