How to share location on WhatsApp?

Step by step guide for how to send location on whatsapp.

Hello Reader, In this new article I will be sharing with you the solution for how to share location on WhatsApp. So, check out the article for WhatsApp.

Some Facts About WhatsApp –

My first question before starting the article is, How you are using your WhatsApp? or for what purposes you are using WhatsApp? You can answer me in the comment below and I will try to reply all the answers of yours.

So, you all know that WhatsApp is a word’s biggest and most used chat app and have billions of user active on WhatsApp. And I can say that the first application that I download when I change my mobile phone. I think you all do the same. Right??!!

WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook and from last few years WhatsApp is adding new features to provide best user experience and user satisfaction.

I know that you have tried most of the features in the WhatsApp, as WhatsApp is a most loved and most used chat app at present.

So, let me list out Some features of the WhatsApp and then we will move over to the solution of how to share location on WhatsApp.

Features highlight of WhatsApp –

Check out some of the best features that are unique and best in the chat apps.

  • Voice calls.
  • Video calls.
  • Current location share option.
  • Share live location.
  • Backup.
  • Media sharing.
  • Documents sharing.
  • Contact sharing.
  • WhatsApp Web.
  • Last Seen mode.
  • WhatsApp Business.
  • Privacy and many more.

This all features are very useful in day to day life. But Some of you may not how to use some of the features that are listed above.

So, to guide you well with the WhatsApp, I will be sharing tutorial on share location on WhatsApp.

In this upcoming section you will get idea about how to send location on WhatsApp step by step with screenshots also for better understanding.

So, keep reading…

How to share location on WhatsApp?

Here is the solution for share location on WhatsApp. Some of you may know that sharing location can help you lot to find some particular place or to find someone’s location by using WhatsApp it self.

Sharing location on WhatsApp is easy task but need step by step attention also and you will have answer of your question.

Step by step guide –

I will share steps for both iOS and Android phones. So, keep reading.

For Android –

In this section i will share how to share location on WhatsApp in Android phones.


  1. From your home screen open WhatsApp.

    Tap on WhatsApp - share location on WhatsApp
  2. Start a new chat or open the chat to which you want to send location.
  3. Click on the attachment icon.

    Click on + icon to share location on WhatsApp
  4. Select location option.

    select location option - How to share location on WhatsApp
  5. Click on send your current location.

    click on your current location
    That’s all. You can now send your location using this method on android.

For iOS –

Here, you will get the same tutorials or steps for iOS users.

There is no major difference to share location in iOS and Android. But i have separated this for better understanding of both type of users.

Let’s start.

  1. Open WhatsApp from home screen.
  2. Start new conversation or open the chat to whom you want to send location.
  3. Click on the + symbol.
  4. Select location option.
  5. Tap on send current location.

    So, this is the solution for iOS users.

Steps Overview –

The thing needs to done before learning how to share location on WhatsApp –

If you are Android user or iPhone user, you need to check this thing before sending location in WhatsApp.

So, the thing is you need to check whether your location service is on for WhatsApp or not.

If your location service for WhatsApp is disabled then you need to enable it. There are two ways to do that.

  • 1st is WhatsApp asks you to give permission to enable location service to send location while you are trying to share location on WhatsApp. So, in this case, you just need to tap on allow and it’s done.
  • 2nd method is you need to go to the phone’s setting and then tap on the location services and need to find WhatsApp from the list of application and manually enable location for WhatsApp.

Now, there is one more option for location in WhatsApp and that is live location.

So, the article is about how to share location on WhatsApp but i will share some information about how to share live location on WhatsApp as a bonus tip..

Well, live location is what I like most from the feature list of WhatsApp. So, check out..

How to share live location on WhatsApp –

So, before starting this, i need to ask you something that what is live location? And what is the difference between live location and current location?

So, the answer is live location is your real time location which can be changes as you moves some where or i can say it tracks your position and share it to the recipient of the live location.

Or i can say in normal words that it changes continuously with your moving position and i will be directly reflected in map to whom you have sent the live location.

And the different is small between live and current location in WhatsApp and that is live location shows real time location of yours whereas current location provides the position of yours in map from where you have sent the location.

Now, the answer of the main question about how to share live location on WhatsApp –

Steps –

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Click on new chat or the conversation whom you want to send the location.
  3. Click on attachment(for Android) icon or +(for iOS) icon.
  4. Tap on location.
  5. Select live location and click send.

    So, these are the steps you need to follow for the solution of above question.

Uses of location feature in WhatsApp –

  • You can track your friends or family members location.
  • If you can not find any place where you need to go then you can ask some of your friend of family member to send the location who is present at that place. So, you can find the route navigation on map of that place.


How does live location on WhatsApp works?

Live location in WhatsApp works in real time and continuously tracks the position even if you close the WhatsApp.

Can I fake your location in WhatsApp?

I can say yes and no both. So, you can do it via some GPS Spoofing apps. And there is no way to do it directly. But I don’t recommend you to use such type of GPS spoofing apps.

Can I track someone’s location on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can. You can do it through WhatsApp live location feature you can track the location if they send you live location on WhatsApp.

Final words –

So, you have all idea about location feature of WhatsApp now and i think you can do this task by yourself now. The features of WhatsApp for location is most useful one right now in WhatsApp.

In this how to share location on WhatsApp, I have share almost all points and steps to get the tutorial more informative and helpful to you.

Well, that’s the end of the article and let me know your views in the comment section below.

And I promise you that i will share great and useful content like this in near future.

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