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Popshot browser :save and share web

Hello Readers, In this article I will share one of smart web browser and app that will help you to act smartly while using or surfing on browser. So, keep reading the article regarding Popshot : Save your web content.

Introduction –

Every one uses browser for their daily internet use. So, browser is important app for every smartphone user to use internet. There are lots of browser available in market but what you think which one lets you to work smart and do things easy and smartly.

You know that some browser are very secure and some are zero permission browsers. But they are some what complicated and not let you to just do things with one tap or something like that. So, here I have brought great app for you to get the objective done with this browser app.

So, let me introduce you the “Popshot smart browser app”. Please read the overview of the “Popshot : Save your web content” and you will find what I am talking about.

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Keep Reading about Popshot smart browser ….

Overview of Popshot smart browser –

In this section you will get to know how the Popshot browser is useful. And what smart things you can do with this unique “Popshot browser: share your web content”.

So, Popshot browser lets you to take snapshots and allows you to store it in apps and allows you to create albums for your saved snapshots.

The App also allows you to edit your saved snapshot also and let you share directly to your friends within the app via whats app and messages.

I feel this is great feature if you work more on web browsers.

So, the question is why this Popshot browser is useful and different from other browsers?

So, the answer is the Popshot browser app allows you to share not only snapshot. You can directly share saved links same as you share any snaphot Like you have saved any snapshot from browser and send it to your friend than your friend only can view and see that snapshot but via this browsers your friends can see and open that links also where you have taken the snapshot.

I think now you have basic idea about this app. So, let’s go to the features and understand the features in detail and learn how to use it.

Features of Popshot browser –

Popshot is a smart browser which let you to save and share web content.

Features in detail –

  • Take Popshots – You can take Popshot any time in your browser for your favourite and needed details and content.
  • Save Popshot in app itself – You can save Popshots or snapshots of your favourite content within the app. You don’t need to save it to your phone memory or file manager. So that you can explore your saved content within the app at anytime.
  • Share your saved content – The app offers this great feature to share your saved snapshot or Popshot to your friends and family. And the great thing about this feature is you can share your website content directly so that you can also share your website content also. You can share it via whats app and iMessage also.
What is potshot app?

Popshot app is a mobile app version of potshot browser. Using potshot app you can bookmark or save your searched content and directly share. So it makes your browsing experiance even smarter.

Potshot browser is safe to use?

Yes, It completely safe to use in any devices.

How can I access potshot browser?

You can use it in your laptop, pc and you can also download it on your Android and iOS mobile phone to use it. You will find download links in the below section.

Conclusion –

I think the app lets you to make things easy and work smartly if you have lots of work to do in browsers.

The app provides simple and easy layout that everyone can understand how to use it. Popshot app also provides features like album to store your saved content or snapshot in the app itself.

The navigation and graphics are great and good to watch and work with. Great idea and great features.

What I like most about it is the app let you share not only image or snapshot but you can also share content and links also by or through browser itself.

So thumbs up. Definitely I recommend you to have it on your smartphone.

Download for Android – Click Here
Download for iOS – Click Here

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