You can actually change your caller Id and voice with this app.

Spoof Card app allows you to change your caller id

Hello Readers, Today I will be sharing with you a great concept or we can say a great trick to fake your caller id for privacy purposes. In this article I will share trick or we can say one app, which is spoofcard app that can be useful to spoof the caller id. So, keep reading the full article and at the end you will get your solution.

So, let’s start..

Introduction –

People are conscious about their privacy in today’s digital world and I am pretty sure that you would also wonder about your phone call and SMS privacy. But sometimes things happens with the people like you and me that they get spam calls and marketing calls and yes they are annoying I think.

If you don’t want to reveal your real caller id or number then this article is for you.

Now, if you are worried how to achieve that from fake phone number generator or from some app or what? So, I will be sharing all the details in the following sections about your question.

So, lets start with the overview Spoofcard app.

Overview of Spoofcard App (What is Spoofcard?) –

So, What is spoofcard app? So the answer is as following..

Spoofcard is all about changing the caller id to hide the real number of the caller. By this app you can actually change the number that is reflected to the receiver on other side. That can be used to prevent your identity or what we can say is to protect the privacy.

Spoofcard provides many features that can really help to spoof the identity. You can use this app for pranks purposes to make fun with your friends. Also the telemarketers or marketing personalities can use this app because they don’t need to reveal their real mobile number to anyone.

Followings can use this app to get most out of it :

  • Telemarketers
  • Sales Persons
  • Private Investigators
  • People who enjoy playing a joke or prank

So, lets understand how to use this app and what are the features of this great fake phone number generator app.

Features of Spoofcard –

best features of spoof card app which is also called random phone number generator.

Features in detail (How to use it?) –

  • Change Your Caller Id – You can change your caller id or number with fake caller id so that no one can know your real original number. This is best for telemarketers, marketing companies, that don’t want to reveal their real identity.
  • Change Your Voice – With this app you can actually change your voice that the receiver will not get idea about the caller. You will get two options to choose from men voice or female voice. By choosing the voice you can spoof the receiver for fun and also to hide your real voice and identity. Quite funny right??!!
  • Background Noise – By using spoofcard you will get this fantastic feature. Through this feature you can actually spoof. You can choose from 7 background noise so that your receiver cannot get any idea about who’s calling. This will take your privacy further ahead. This feature takes your privacy many step ahead. Just try this feature once and you will like it to prank on your friends also with this feature.
  • Record Your call – You can record your spoof call that you have called with this spoofcard app within this app. The app offers this feature inbuilt and you can use it to record spoof calls for your future needs also.
  • Share Recordings – You can share your recording via this app only. This is awesome feature you don’t need to save recording to your phone memory or something to send it to other but you can directly share it via spoofcard app.

Spoofcard Web –

  • Voicemail – This feature allows you to directly send calls to receiver’s voicemail with fake caller it. 
  • Change Your Caller Id On Conference call – This feature is on for Spoof Card web. By this feature you can also change your caller id or set fake caller id on the conference call. This also works as fake phone number generator to hide your real number on conference calls.

My opinion for using Spoofcard –

From my opinion, you can just try this app for fun. I don’t suggest you to use this app for other purposes. Because this app lets you to hide your real identity and real mobile number.

So, Kindly and wisely use this app just for fun not for serious or any offensive purposes.

The Spoofcard app provides you decent features that you will love to use. Some of the features are available in app and some are for spoofcard web. You can download it for Android and iOS both. The app is easy to use and the navigation and UI is also decent and good.

Comment your views below for this great app….

To download this app for Android – Click Here
To download this app for iOS – Click Here

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