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What Does Grey Arrow Mean In Snapchat? All Arrow In Detail.


Snapchat is widely used social chat mobile application to share instant moment with friends. Snapchat is widely used Mobile app with approximately 1,000,000,000+ active installs. Well, Snapchat offers many features. From that features, some are very useful. Today, in this article I will share one tutorial about “what does grey arrow mean in Snapchat?”

To get the proper solution about your question regarding the question please read the full tutorial article.

What Does Grey Arrow Mean In Snapchat?

There are many indicators in social media or chat app, which indicated some of its features like delivered or not delivered, read, not read and many more. Same like others in Snapchat, there are many signs or indicators that allows you to understand and use Snapchat more effectively. So the answer is, Grey arrow in Snapchat indicated that your content or media is not delivered.

Now, you might have the question that why the grey arrow means content or snap can not be delivered to the recipient.

Well, this one is tricky one to know. Let me share some information regarding this grey arrow on snapchat.

So, there are two possibilities for which you will get grey arrow on your snapchat.

Grey Arrow (Second possibility) – The first possibility is you are not in the friend list of the recipient to whom you are sending content or snap. So, you will get grey arrow if your friend or family person have not accepted your friend request.

The second possibility is that the opponent or recipient have unfriend or blocked you from the friend list. So, if you are unfriend from the list you will get the grey arrow while sending content.

Grey color opened arrow (outlined) Second possibility – This arrow indicates that the request that you have sent to your recipient was not accepted or it was pending yet and expired.

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What is the clear indication of grey arrow?

The grey arrow clearly indicated that someone has unfriend or blocked you on Snapchat. So, now I think that is the perfect answer of your question.

But the another question you may have here is the grey arrow is indicator of unfriend but what if the person has re-friend you in Snapchat, after re-friend what is the color of the arrow indicator? You will get it changed or not?

The arrow color changed after someone re-friends you?

Yes, the arrow color will be changed for your sent content as per the snap that you send to your friend or family. So, you will get to know that you are re-added to your recipient list of friends from the color of the arrow.

This is all about the tutorial on what does grey arrow mean in snapchat.

There are some other arrows and icons that have indicated other features. Let me explain some of them to give you simple over view.

There are approximate 7 different types of arrows. Let me explain you one by one.

Arrows on snapchat –

  • Purple color arrow.
  • Red color arrow.
  • Blue color arrow.
  • Opened red color arrow.
  • Opened purple color arrow.
  • Blue color opened arrow.
  • Green color opened arrow.

Let’s understand every arrow one by one.

After detailed answer of what does grey arrow means in snapchat, this are the other arrow not in detail but just overview.

Purple color arrow – Purple color arrow indicates that you have sent the media or snap to your recipient with audio file. This arrow is one of the indicator for snapchat. So, purple color arrow is for media with audio.

Red color arrow – Red color arrow informs that the sent media is not included with the audio. So, its clearly indicated that the media with red color arrow that you have received not contains the audio files.

Blue color arrow – This color arrow indicated that the snap is sent to your friend or recipient. This type of arrow or indicator you have seen in Whatsapp maybe. It suggest same like the blue tick mark suggest in Whatsapp messenger. This blue arrow indicates you directly opposite of grey arrow on snapchat.

Purple color opened arrow – This arrow indicates that someone or your recipient has opened the message or media with audio included with it.

Opened red color arrow – Red color opened arrow shows that the sent snap or media is opened by your recipient but it does not include audio file. In short it shows opened media without the audio.

Blue color opened arrow – Blue color arrow indicated that the chat is sent as explained above. But opened blue color arrow shows that the chat is opened and read by your opponent user. It’s a opposite of grey arrow in snapchat. Grey arrow on snapchat means you can not sent any snap to your friend because you are blocked or unfriend.

Green color opened arrow – green color opened arrow indicates that your recipient has viewed and received your sent media or snap. So, it will be indicator for viewed and received snaps in snapchat.

Grey arrow on snapchat (filled and outlined) –

As I have explained above the color indicates you for not delivered media or blocked contact information on your snapchat.

So, you have the solution or answer of your question with you but let me give you information about one more point that I think you might want to know.

Do we have any solution for grey arrow indication or unblock the contact in snapchat?

Bad Luck, there is no way for that. The only way is to contact the person by some other way and tell them to re-add or unblock on snapchat. This is the only way to overcome grey arrow on snapchat app.

My words –

This tutorial is all about the snapchat arrow tutorial and I hope that I have explained in a better way about the topic what does grey arrow mean in snapchat. Snapchat is now most popular in youth for sending media and photos called snaps. So, I fell that I should share some information that you might wondering and some of you don’t know about.

So, that’s all from our side. Let me know your views in comments. I hope you all like this article.



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