Isn’t It Great If You Get Paid To Walk And Exercise??!! Check Out Yodo App


Hello Readers, Today I will be sharing with you one great app that will pay you for walking. So, the app is yodo. Check out review of the Yodo app here.

Introduction –

Today many apps are available in market that pays you for some kind of activities like watching videos or advertise. Well, Yodo is a great concept with this motive to earn some extra money by mobile app.

In this technology and fast growing world. Most of the people have no time for their body. Or I can say no one is taking care of their body and health.

Yodo app will help to motivate you for walking and exercise because you will get paid for walking with this app. and the app provides exercise rewards.

Here I will show you best way to exercise and for taking health of your body. And I will share you most interesting way to do that. I think Yodo will help you more with this.

So, I think every one needs some type of motivation for maintaining your health or workout.

Technology and mobile world comes with great idea and mobile apps that can help you to get your daily habit and workout better. Some mobile app lets you to do workout and exercise at home also.

So, lets get to the one most interesting exercise and walking app which works and get paid to walk or I can say provides you exercise rewards.

Now, let’s check out the overview basic idea about the yodo app.

Overview of Yodo –

Yodo app is a great concept with lots of great features. Main motive the app is you will get paid to walk and exercise reward.

We all know that to wake up early for exercise or walking or to get some time from busy schedule for your health is quite difficult in today’s busy. So, I think you all need some motivation or some reason with the fact that you need to take care of your health.

So, I have come up with this great app. And the app is yodo.

yodo is one type of walking and exercise app which helps you for your daily workouts and fitness. But it will also paid some exercise reward daily for your walking and workout. So I can tell you that the app works as get paid for walking or get paid for workout or I can say you will get some money for walking.

Yodo helps you to develop good habit for your daily health and fitness.

So, the app is listed in apps hat pay you to walk. And yes this is true the app really pays you daily for walking.

So, this is overview of the yodo the great and headful app.

Now let’s check out the features for this amazing yodo app.

Features Overview of Yodo –

Yodo app is a exercise reward app and you will also get paid for walking with this app.

Feature In Detail For The Apps That Pay To Walk –

Daily Rewards – At first I have mentioned about yodo that you will get exercise rewards or I can say you will get paid for walking and workout. There is no limit in this yodo app for getting or earning cash rewards.

There is some daily goals for your running and walking and you need to achieve that to get paid for walking. And you can earn daily there is no limit to get exercise rewards.

You can also earn exercise rewards for inviting your friends to this yodo app and also for sharing your records or history of your exercise, walking and running.

Pedometer – Yodo has inbuilt pedometer feature that records your running and walking. The app has unique for step-by-step algorithm which helps you to check your daily history and data by day, month and year.

Well, you can track your health record to improve your daily health.

Record Running With GPS – You will get GPS in this yodo app and it helps to track pace, calorie, mileage and trajectory. That will help most to the workout lover. And I can say this is the most useful feature of this apps that pay you to walk or yodo app.

Cash RewardsThe most amazing and great feature in my views is cash rewards or exercise rewards.

You will get unlimited cash rewards and you can withdraw it by many ways also. Yodo app motivates you for walking, running and workout by getting paid for walking and exercise rewards.

I like this feature most because this also motivates me for doing exercise.

Conclusion –

You will get best and useful features with this app. And I can say that it is the best way to motivate anyone for exercise and to take care of one’s health.

I think everyone is using mobile apps for their workout track or to learn exercise or something like home work out without equipments or something. And yes you will get some amazing and new concept for exercise rewards and get paid for walking.

Yodo app’s UI is good and you can easily use this app. And yes the app actually pay you for the fitness purpose.

You will get all the features that normal fitness and workout apps are offering. But most wonderful added feature that no other app provides is exercise rewards.

Well, try this app and I think you will love to use it.

So, readers let me know what you like most about this app in comment below. And how much rating would you like to give to this yodo app?

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For Android – Click Here
For iOS – Click Here

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